What Everyone Should Know About Cyber Liability Insurance

As our society becomes more reliant on technology and the internet, the risks can increase. If you own a business that relies on the internet, it’s time to learn more about Cyber Liability Insurance and why you should have it. If you are in the greater Frederick, MD area and have questions about this fairly new type of protection, the team at Lebherz Insurance is here to answer your questions.

What is Cyber Liability Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

If your firm falls victim to hacking or a data breach you can be held responsible for any loss that your customers experience due to the breach. Additionally, you may suffer an inordinate amount of reputational loss due to the hacking event. Without insurance, these events can be difficult to overcome and can result in your business failing. A comprehensive Cyber Liability Insurance policy can protect you from:

  • The cost of your system being down due to a hacking
  • Notification costs and the expense of letting your customers know about the breach
  • Any copyright infringement or other nefarious activity that the hackers conduct
  • Losses due to identity theft
  • Damage to technological systems

If you conduct business via the internet and store valuable information for your clients that could be misused in identity theft, it’s time for you to review your Cyber Liability Insurance policy options. Don’t fall prey to hackers and allow their misdeeds to destroy your company and everything that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Don’t leave yourself or your customers at risk, find out more about Cyber Liability Insurance and how it can help protect you and your interests. If you are in the greater Frederick, MD area, the team at Lebherz Insurance is here to provide the information you need.