Does Classic Car Insurance Cost More than Typcial Car Insurance?

For those that have invested both time and money into a classic car having the right insurance in place to protect that investment is a must. You can have the best car in the world but without the right coverage, your car can be in danger and can end up being a total loss easily. Classic car insurance policies are great for those that do have what qualifies as a classic car. This type of policy is different from a typical policy and we are going to discuss how. For those that live in the Frederick, MD area, the agents with Lebherz Insurance can help you find the perfect policy for you.

For starters, a classic policy is going to cost differently based on a few different factors. For the most part, it is on par with a typical policy to start with then the price does go up dependent on how much you insure the car for. The overall value of the car is going to push the cost of the policy up because you are going to need to insure a larger amount to help replace the car if something were to happen to it.

When you take out a classic policy, your insurance company is going to come and evaluate the car and both the owner and the insurance company will work to agree on the value of the car. In most cases, they do not insure for the cost of repairs but the overall value of the car and the cost of total replacement. If you have a car that is worth $100,000 it is obviously going to need a more expensive policy than a Toyota corolla from 1999. For those in the Frederick, MD area, the agents with Lebherz Insurance can help you find the perfect policy every time.  

Does Classic Car Insurance Cover Custom Parts?

If you have purchased or restored a classic car, custom parts may have been used on the car. One of the questions that we at Lebherz Insurance, serving the greater Frederick, MD area, are asked is whether classic car insurance covers these custom parts. If you are looking into purchasing classic car insurance, here is the information you should know about custom parts. 

Does Classic Car Insurance Cover Custom Parts?

In most cases, classic car insurance does not cover custom parts. Many individuals who purchase classic car insurance do not realize this until they are involved in an accident or need to recover money for their car and realize the value is less than they thought. If you ever doubt if something on your classic car is covered, always contact your insurance adjuster or carefully read through your policy. These things will help you determine whether something is covered or not. 

How Do You Cover Custom Parts on Classic Cars?

The best way to cover custom parts on classic cars is to purchase a supplemental policy for custom parts. You will then be required to list each custom part that is in your car and its value. If you make changes to your car, you will need to update your supplemental policy. Buying a supplemental policy gives you peace of mind that each and every item listed on the custom parts list is fully covered in case you are involved in an accident, someone damages your car or your classic car is stolen. 

If you are looking to obtain car insurance for a classic car in the greater Frederick, MD area, Lebherz Insurance can help you. Call us today to discuss your needs and let us put together the right insurance policy for your needs. 

When Can You Claim Your Cyber Insurance?

Today, data breaches and other cyber-related crimes are becoming prevalent in Frederick, MD and all over the world. Whenever they occur, data breaches can result in major financial implications. Most people tend to think that only large organizations are prone to cyber hacks which is wrong. Even smaller and medium-sized businesses are at risk of being attacked, and that is why Lebherz Insurance provides cyber insurance to both large and small enterprises. A data breach can damage both your business operations and reputation in Frederick, MD. Cyber insurance is always a smart solution to any business.

When Can You File a Claim?

You can file a cyber insurance claim whenever your data is compromised or stolen. However, you will have to prove to your insurance provider that the breach was not as a result of your negligence. For, instance, if the data loss was due to activities of an antivirus, then you’ll have to prove that the affected computer had an updated copy of antivirus at the time the breach occurred. The primary purpose of cyber insurance is to help you regain quick control of your identity and handle any financial repercussions of the data loss or breach without hurting your business. The steps involved in filing a cyber insurance claim include;

  • Call your insurance provider: This is the first thing that you should do when your data is compromised. Contact Lebherz Insurance or your insurance agent and explains the details of what happened.
  • Prepare for the investigation. Your insurance provider will launch an investigation into your claim to determine the extent of the damage.
  • Work with forensic data analysts. Forensic Analysts are experts in detecting and handling data breaches. Consider calling in a forensic analyst to help you with the investigation.
  • Stick to the response plan. A response plan is a detailed overview outlining how you should handle a data breach. Your insurance agent should provide details about the response plan.

Is your business not yet covered by data breach and loss? Contact us today for a cyber insurance free quote.

Umbrella Insurance for Federal Employees

What is Umbrella Insurance? Let’s first begin by defining what umbrella insurance is NOT.

Umbrella Insurance is not:

  • A policy that protects the insured from a water or rain event, or,
  • A policy that replaces a lost or damaged Umbrella

Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage beyond the limits of the insurance policies currently maintained. It is a smart choice for those who wish to fully protect themselves.

Umbrella Insurance for Federal Employees

As a federal employee, one can opt for an Umbrella Insurance policy. These specific insurance policies are available in and around the Frederick, MD area by the professionals at Lebherz Insurance.

An ‘insured’, in accordance with the federal government’s somewhat broad definition, includes

  • Children at college
  • Military service members and
  • Domestic partners

Facts Regarding Umbrella Insurance for Federal Employees

  • A Federal Employee’s Umbrella Liability Insurance includes the cost to defend the insured.
  • There are some policies that offer an optional coverage (up to $1 million) that protects against a federal employee against Uninsured (UM) /Underinsured motorists (UIM).
  • UIM insurance provides bodily injury protection should you be harmed in an automobile accident where the other is legally responsible but had:
    • NO liability insurance
    • Failed to post a bond.
  • The coverage also provides protection if you are injured as a result of a hit-and-run accident. Additional benefits include:
    • Coverage for another driver, if, they have your permission and the underlying policy provisions find this acceptable.  
    • Coverage for injury to domestic employees as long as the underlying insurance policy applies.
    • Coverage for Directors & Officers of any not-for-profit organization as long as the underlying insurance policy applies.

Visit our Lebherz Insurance’s easy-to-use website for many useful tips and industry insight. Or give contact us by email. Remember, Lebherz Insurance serves the Frederick, MD area. 

Does Your Renter’s Insurance Cover the Cost of a Hotel If Your Apartment is Damaged?

In Frederick, MD, the agents of Lebherz Insurance offer several policies for both renters and homeowners who want to make sure their property is fully protected. Renter’s insurance is similar to a homeowner’s policy except that it doesn’t cover the dwelling or any real estate. A renter’s policy covers personal possessions and, in most cases, accommodations if rental is uninhabitable.

What Happens When Your Living Area Is Damaged?

If your apartment is damaged, the first step is to notify your insurance agent. While the owner of the property is assessing the damage to the dwelling, your agent will need to evaluate any damages you may have incurred. At that time they will discuss the possible need for other accommodations if you cannot stay in your apartment or home. Although some policies may limit the amount of time you spend in a hotel, they normally allow enough time for repairs to be made or find another permanent residence.

When Are Other Accommodations Necessary?

Other accommodations are necessary when your rental is damaged to the point where it is unsafe for you and your family to stay. Holes that expose the interior of the home to outside weather conditions, no water, no electrical, extensive fire or smoke damage or defective appliances are just a few of the things that can cause extensive damage inside the home. 

If you live in Frederick, MD and want to review your renter’s insurance policy, call the agents of Lebherz Insurance. They can answer your questions and make sure policy is up to date and offers the coverage you need to remain fully protected at all times. 

Top Reasons to Add Umbrella Insurance to Your Home Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a form of insurance that supplements a regular home insurance policy. Essentially, it fills in the gaps. Adding an umbrella insurance policy to your already existing home policy will ensure your financial security and the security of your property and belongings in all situations.

Here are two specific reasons why it’s a great idea to have extra umbrella insurance on top of your home insurance plan.

1. It can protect against libel and slander.

Today more than ever, lawsuits are pretty being brought against individuals for posting certain things on social media sites like Facebook. It is indeed possible for someone to sue you because of something you wrote — referencing someone else — that can be construed as libel or saying something that can be construed as slander. Most standard home insurance policies do not protect against libel or slander, but an umbrella policy can protect you in these situations.

2. It can protect you from someone suing you for being injured on your property.

In many situations, someone may come to your house invited or uninvited and be seriously injured. Unfortunately, this often opens up a lawsuit in which the injured party sues you because they were injured on your property. Umbrella insurance can protect against this.

Contact Lebherz Insurance for More Information

If you are a Frederick, MD resident and are looking for an umbrella insurance policy to add to your home insurance coverage, Lebherz Insurance can help! We serve the Frederick, MD area and would gladly help you find the perfect umbrella insurance to add coverage to your home policy. To find out more about how we can help and to see the policies we offer, give us a call today, or stop into our nearest location. We look forward to hearing from you!

Buying Life Insurance for Seniors and Children

Do you think life insurance is only for working adults with dependents? While there are some differences, policies for seniors and children can be an important financial maneuver.

Policies for Senior Citizens

The primary purpose of a life insurance policy is to protect the financial assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate and ensure that your dependents are able to enjoy them after you’re gone. Even after the age of 50, buying life insurance is an intelligent move for many reasons.

  • Insurance policies can help loved ones pay for your burial expenses.
  • A valid policy is a tax-free way to transfer some of your wealth to dependents.
  • A business life insurance plan will protect your business partners.

Lebherz Insurance can help seniors in the Frederick, MD area find a life insurance policy that will protect their property far into their golden years.

Policies for Children

It may seem slightly morbid to buy life insurance for children. However, young people can benefit from an insurance policy throughout their lives.

  • Parents can buy a whole life insurance policy for their children that builds cash value over time. The child can access this cash when they are older to help pay for education or other expenses.
  • While the odds of a child dying prematurely are notably slim, it can happen. A life insurance policy pays for burial, medical expenses, counseling, and time off from work for grieving parents.
  • If a child contracts an illness, disease, or disability, they may not qualify for most life insurance policies. Buying a policy while they’re still young guarantees that they will always have access.

Lebherz Insurance offers a variety of life insurance policies for every stage of life. Come visit our specialists in the Frederick, MD area to get started protecting what you value most.

The Home buyer’s Guide to Insurance

Owning a home means protecting it, but many first-time home buyers are confused about buying insurance. Here are a few tips to getting the most out of your home insurance!

Calculate Risk

Wherever you live in Frederick, MD, you need to be honest about the risk factors of your home. This includes whether it is likely to be flooded if it is in an area previously affected by tornados, and so on. In some cases, you can get a great deal on acquiring additional insurance for something like floods even if you think the chance of a flood is remote. Lebherz Insurance can offer you peace of mind about your future.

Wear, tear, and your bill

Before buying the house, have a professional home inspection done. This may result in recommendations for things to fix. After fixing them, notify your insurer you have done so. In some cases, this can lead to a lower monthly insurance premium. Your insurance agent may have further recommendations based on any of the renovations or additions you made.

Credit worthiness

Credit may be a source of worry when you are buying a house. Most people focus on getting their credit high enough to get a competitive home interest rate but don’t forget that your insurance score can also affect how much you pay for your insurance. As with the home inspection, it would be appropriate to monitor your credit score and do your best to make it as high as possible to get the best insurance price.

If you own a home in Frederick, MD or are considering purchasing a home, then you need someone who treats you like family. Contact Lebherz Insurance today to start building a safer tomorrow! 


6 Reasons to Have Commercial Insurance

Each business in the Frederick, MD area is unique, but one thing they all have in common is the need for commercial insurance. If you are unclear if your business needs commercial insurance, here are six reasons why you need commercial insurance.

  1. Protection for lawsuits. No matter what type of business you have, you cannot protect yourself from a lawsuit a customer may file against your company. Don’t make the mistake of believing that your clients are great and they would never sue you because any situation may arise.
  2. Protect the investments you made in equipment, property, and inventory that keeps your business running.
  3. If you have employees, you need to have different types of insurance. For example, workers’ compensation and liability insurance.
  4. If the success of the business relies on one key person, then you want a policy that provides assistance if the key person is injured, ill, or deceased. It will give you the time you need without losing your business.
  5. If the company is growing and you need to secure a loan to help with the expansion, then you will need insurance coverage. If you don’t have insurance, they may decline the loan or charge a higher rate of interest.
  6. Gain confidence with knowing your business is protected if something were to happen. No one wants to lose the business they worked so hard to build or take a severe financial hit. Having insurance coverage can help protect your business.

Lebherz Insurance

Lebherz Insurance has been in the Frederick, MD area since 1969, so we have years of experience providing commercial insurance to local businesses.  Contact a Lebherz Insurance agent today to discuss your business needs. The agent can help you determine the best insurance options to protect your business investment.

Do You Need More Insurance if You are a Commuter?

Commuting is a big part of the daily routine and lives of millions of people. If you live in a suburb or far from a large city there is a good chance that you commute for at least an hour, maybe more, each and every day. As such, your insurance needs are different than someone that drives to the grocery once a week then parks their car the rest of the week. For those that live in the Frederick MD area, the agents with Lebherz Insurance can help you get the coverage you need.

It is helpful to first look at why a commuter needs different coverage. For starters, commuters come in contact with hundreds of other drivers each day. This means that their risk of having an accident is far higher than an eighty year old grandma that drives her car to the post office in her small town once a week. Though both have a risk of having an accident, the commuter has the higher risk.

Another reason that commuters need more insurance is that their cars are likely to incur more damage that can be claimed on an insurance policy. Again, a car that sits in a garage five out of seven days a week stands a lesser chance of being damaged by hail, rocks, and other debris that a commuter might come in contact with. The same goes for snow and other storm conditions.

Commuters can benefit from a larger insurance policy or from a full coverage policy even if their cars are paid off just to protect them. If you live in the Frederick MD area and have more questions, the agents with Lebherz Insurance are waiting to answer any and all questions that you might have.