More Maryland Businesses are Turning to Umbrella Insurance

Commercial insurance policies are a great foundation when it comes to protecting your Frederick, MD area business, but do they provide all of the coverage that you need? The team at Lebherz Insurance is here to provide all of the information that you need to make an informed decision about the insurance you choose for your business. If your liability and coverage need ever exceed your primary policy, your umbrella policy will be there to help make up the difference and help protect your bottom line. It makes a lot of sense to have policy limits that meet your needs, even if they are greater than the amount of your primary policy. Make sure that your company is protected by having the right mix of insurance in your insurance portfolio.

More Maryland Businesses are Turning to Umbrella Insurance    

Commercial insurance policies typically have limits, and if you have an event that exceeds those limits, the liability will likely fall to your company or to your owners personally. When you have a commercial umbrella policy in place you can protect yourself from liability, even if the coverage limits of your primary policy are exhausted. Many business owners do not realize that hitting their policy limits can happen more easily than they think. Don’t let this happen to you, sit down with a professional agent today and find out how an umbrella policy can help bridge any insurance gaps that your company may have.

Smart business owners understand the need to keep liability at a minimum. If you want to learn more about how a commercial umbrella insurance policy can help you achieve this goal, contact the Lebherz Insurance team; we are proud to serve the commercial insurance needs of our Frederick, MD area community. 

The Many Ways Recreational Insurance Protects You When You are On the Road

Many people enjoy exploring the outdoors in their RV. Owners need to know that they have the right insurance before they head out.  In the Frederick, MD area, the team at Lebherz Insurance help RV owners get the coverage they need.

RV insurance is similar to auto insurance but with a marked difference.  You are required to carry liability insurance on the RV.  But because an RV is both a vehicle and a temporary residence, the policies are different. The type of policies available are affected by the size and weight of the RV.  Class “A”s are large RVs intended for long term use.  Class “B”s are “camper vans”.  Class “C”s are mid-size economy RV’s that are popular with families. 

In addition to a liability policy, the RV coverage will often include a replacement in the event the RV is stolen or totaled in an accident.  The policy will also cover any accessories attached to the outside of the RV, such as awnings or a satellite dish.   Personal belongings, such as clothing, camping equipment or sports gear are also covered by the policy.  Talk with the agent about how you use the RV when you get coverage.  If it is only being used for a short time annually, this can guide them to the type and amount of coverage that is needed.

An RV is a great way for families to spend time together and explore the country.  Get the coverage you need from Lebherz Insurance before you head out.  In Frederick, MD, the team at Lebherz Insurance are well know for the expertise and their care.  Visit their website for general information, then call or come by for details.  Don’t let a vacation be ruined by disaster or an accident.  Get the coverage you need today!

What Is Flood Insurance and Why Is It Important?

Flood insurance in Frederick, MD is a type of insurance to protect your property and covers losses caused by water damage as it related to flooding. A separate rider can be used to cover sewer backup. This policy is different from a homeowner’s policy, since it only covers losses due to flooding, while home policies will cover more losses. Standard home insurance policies don’t cover flooding. In order to purchase flood insurance, your community must participate in the National Flood Insurance Program, but most communities do participate in it. You can buy insurance through a private insurer such as Lebherz Insurance.

Floods are one of the most common natural disasters and these events can affect anyone. Without flood insurance, it can be too costly for owners to rebuild or repair their home. Flooding can hit anywhere, even in low-risk areas. If you do live in a high-risk area and have a federally backed mortgage, you may be required to have this insurance.

A single-family home can be insured for up to $250,000 and the contents up to $100,000. If you are just renting your home, you can still get flood insurance for the contents up to $100,0000. For those owners of commercial buildings, you can insure the building up to $500,000 and the contents up to the same. It’s important to buy a flood insurance policy before you need it. Coverage includes the home and the foundation, plumbing, and electrical systems, HVAC equipment, kitchen appliances, permanently installed cabinets, paneling and bookcases, window blinds, and the water heater. For personal property, coverage includes clothing, electronics, furniture, portable dishwashers and microwaves, carpets not covered by the building policy, your freezer and frozen food inside, and up to $2,500 in valuables.

Contact Lebherz Insurance, serving Frederick, MD, to get a quote on flood insurance.

Life Insurance Provisions For Your Family Pet On Your Policy

Indeed we are a pet-friendly bunch in Frederick, MD. The knowledgeable agents at Lebherz Insurance are no different. When you consider how important your family pet is to your life, it would naturally occur to you that they need to be provided for in case you were no longer here. While there are insurance policies that you can take out that are solely focused on your pet with provisions for euthanasia and their overall general health, your life insurance policy can be used to provide for them as well.  It is not something that we think about every day but it is a responsible consideration. What happens to your beloved cocker spaniel if something happened to you? Many pet owners add a provision to their policy which pertains to their pet. Setting up a trust for your animal in the event of your demise is a way to ensure they have adequate care. The funds are there in trust and are distributed according to your directions. You have to decide who Is in charge of the said trust. In this way, your pet can be a beneficiary of your insurance proceeds.

Located in Frederick, MD 21701, Lebherz Insurance is conveniently located to serve all of your insurance needs. In addition to life insurance, we provide coverage for your home, auto, commercial, cyber liability, professional liability, brewery, flood, recreational, and umbrella insurance. We take into account the area that we live in and the special needs of the customers that reside here in Maryland. We also provide service for clients in the following states: Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Ohio. Stop in or call us today. Ask us what we can do to help protect the things that you care the most about.

Is Your Taproom Protected?

You’ve perfected your brew, cultivated a following and the next logical step for your craft brewery is, of course, a taproom, tours and even clever merchandise with your name splashed all over it.  However, what even the savviest of beer masters forget about is the unforeseen exposures growing their business opens them up to.

Taproom Risks

Brewery taprooms in Frederick, MD are gaining in popularity and rightly so. They are a fun way to share your passion for beer with your followers. But it also means feeding those followers. Enter in food trucks.  The marriage of food trucks and taprooms is a natural one, but one that should be entered in cautiously. Food trucks operating on your property make you liable for any injury aka food poisoning to your customers. This is known as vicarious liability.  

Of course, it’s not just food poisoning that you have to worry about. Let’s say after a long night, your food truck operator is pulling out and accidentally strikes a customer.  You can be considered vicariously liable for the accident. Lawsuits are expensive and can have you closing your doors faster than you can say Hefeweizen. The solution to protecting your business is not only to ensure you have the proper liability limits on your general liability policy; the experts at Lebherz Insurance recommend carrying at least $1 million. But to ensure that your food truck vendors have the appropriate coverage as well.

It’s essential that in addition to having sufficient general liability limits, they name your brewery as an additional insured. This protects you if you are sued because of the food truck operator’s actions under their policy, making your policy a secondary coverage.

You’ve worked hard to get your business up and running. Don’t let someone’s else’s mistake chance losing it all. If you are an independent brewer in or around Frederick, MD, let the insurance experts at Lebherz Insurance guide you through the coverages you need to protect yourself and your brewery.

What Is Covered By Professional Liability Insurance?

The agents of Lebherz Insurance in Frederick, MD,  specialize in Professional Liability insurance.  Professional liability insurance coverage protects you from the risks in the delivering of professional services. Professional liability insurance (PLI), is also referred to as Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII).   Professional liability insurance coverage is an errors & omissions form of liability insurance.   Professional liability insurance coverage should be obtained if you or your business gives advice to clients and provide a professional service,   You face legal liability for errors you allegedly made in your services or for ommissions in providing services that should have been implemented.

One who provides any professional service that causes financial harm may face legal action.  For example, Professional Liability Insurance is used, but not limited to by attorneys, physicians, appraisers, notaries public, real estate brokers, management, information technology service providers, insurance agents, home inspectors, consultants, software developers, website developers, quality control specialists, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and quality control specialists.

Professional liability insurance policies are based on a claims-made basis. Thus,  any covered error, omission or negligent act must have been committed before the expiration of the policy.  Any claims for professional errors or omissions that occurred before the policy was active or after the expiration of the policy is typically not be covered. 

Professional liability covers a  broad range of potential risks such as professional negligence,   confidentiality breaches and loss of documents or data. For instance, if you emailed, by mistake, data to the wrong person.   The covered professional’s conduct must be consistent with the standards of his or her profession, to avoid any claims.  Professional liability insurance does not cover criminal acts, libel and slander, breach of warranty, personal injury, and breach of contract.

The agents of Lebherz Insurance in Frederick, MD, will offer a Professional Liability Insurance policy that meets the unique needs of your business.  Please contact us and call for an appointment!

What Everyone Should Know About Cyber Liability Insurance

As our society becomes more reliant on technology and the internet, the risks can increase. If you own a business that relies on the internet, it’s time to learn more about Cyber Liability Insurance and why you should have it. If you are in the greater Frederick, MD area and have questions about this fairly new type of protection, the team at Lebherz Insurance is here to answer your questions.

What is Cyber Liability Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

If your firm falls victim to hacking or a data breach you can be held responsible for any loss that your customers experience due to the breach. Additionally, you may suffer an inordinate amount of reputational loss due to the hacking event. Without insurance, these events can be difficult to overcome and can result in your business failing. A comprehensive Cyber Liability Insurance policy can protect you from:

  • The cost of your system being down due to a hacking
  • Notification costs and the expense of letting your customers know about the breach
  • Any copyright infringement or other nefarious activity that the hackers conduct
  • Losses due to identity theft
  • Damage to technological systems

If you conduct business via the internet and store valuable information for your clients that could be misused in identity theft, it’s time for you to review your Cyber Liability Insurance policy options. Don’t fall prey to hackers and allow their misdeeds to destroy your company and everything that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Don’t leave yourself or your customers at risk, find out more about Cyber Liability Insurance and how it can help protect you and your interests. If you are in the greater Frederick, MD area, the team at Lebherz Insurance is here to provide the information you need.

The Growing Problem Of False Roof Damage Claims As A Result Of Hail

Hail is one of the most dangerous weather events for homeowners. Hail can create holes in a roof, allowing moisture to seep into the infrastructure of the home. This moisture can cause water damage to electrical wiring, drywall, insulation, and flooring. Some people, however, take advantage of a hail event and file false claims to get their roof repaired or replaced. 

False Roof Damage Claims

There is an increasing problem with insurance fraud stemming from weather events leading to hail damage. People who have older roofs or have existing issues can take advantage of the situation by creating damage or claiming the existing damage occurred as a result of a hail event.  Insurance agencies have developed measures and guidelines which significantly reduce the number of false claims. 

Providing You With Quality Insurance Products

Reliable and thorough insurance agencies are dedicated to helping individuals with legitimate claims and preventing false claims as a result of hail. Residents living in the Frederick, MD area need coverage they can count on to help them recover from hail damage and prevent false claims. If you are needing high-quality insurance products, check out Lebherz Insurance. They have skilled agents who can work with you to give you products to protect your home.

Give you and your home the coverage needed to prevent financial losses as a result of storm and hail damage. Residents who live in the Frederick, MD area can count on Lebherz Insurance to work with them and suggest quality coverage to prevent gaps and ensure protection year round. Call or stop by our office to speak with one of our skilled agents today. 

What Role Do Hail Chasers Play in Insurance Fraud?

After a storm in Frederick, MD, hail chasers, or storm chasers as they are sometimes referred to, will canvass neighborhoods looking for homeowners that seem vulnerable to scams. They go door to door and leave hangers on doorknobs. They will also speak with homeowners and convince them that roofs could have sustained severe damage from the recent storms. They will offer the homeowner a free inspection, or even a replacement for the roof. The word "free" can sometimes entice homeowners, or the hail chasers will use scare tactics to trick the homeowners into agreeing to replace the roof by emphasizing damage and potential problems that can occur. Some scammers may inflict their own damage to the roof to convince homeowners there is a problem. Some of the scammers will use coins to scrape roof shingles off, or create indentations that look like damage by hail.

The homeowners that fall for these schemes will then file home insurance claims for a roof replacement. Insurance companies will use professional techniques to know if the hail damage is real, which include forensic engineers who know hail activity and can detect any intentional damage versus the damage the hail does cause.

If something seems too good to be true it is. Hail may cause damage to one home and not another, so the tactic that hail chasers use of saying that your neighbor got a new roof so you should too won’t hold up. Hail chasers can make big promises and sometimes take the money and run. Never give money and start work without filing a claim with an insurance agent at Lebherz Insurance. If your claim is denied, you could be on the hook for any money that is lost and the work the roofer has done.

Contact Lebherz Insurance, serving Frederick, MD, to get a quote on home insurance. 

4 Mistakes People Make When Buying Small Business Insurance

You could be an expert in the area of your small business but know very little about business insurance. Others downplay the essence of having the appropriate policy cover for their businesses. Due to inadequate knowledge and assumptions, small business owners make a lot of mistakes. Here are some key areas they should be aware.

Buying Cheap Insurance

While business is about maximizing profits and minimizing costs, choosing the cheapest insurance is risky. Cheap premiums mean that your small business is not getting sufficient coverage. Lebherz Insurance is excellent at assisting clients to choose the ideal policies for their business. Choose value and not price when buying a policy cover.

Lacking Cyber Insurance

Almost all businesses, including small-scale, have integrated digital and internet technology. Any business utilizing the cyber world ought to have cyber insurance. Unfortunately, small business owners believe that they can never be targets of cyber crimes because of their small nature. This misconception will cost your business if you do not purchase a policy.

Failing to Adjust the Insurance

Your business may be small, but it could be dynamic. Most businesses in Frederick, MD begin small, but they grow as time passes. Evolvement or any other form of change must be reflected on the insurance policy. Always ensure that the business policy is always covering the present nature of your business. Many business people forget to adjust their policies, and that could cost when making claims.

Failing to read the Policy

Few business people take time to read and understand their policies. Other don’t bother yet it is a requirement from all agencies and insurance companies. Agencies in Frederick, MD, for instance, would not sign an insurance contract before the insured reads the policy document. Ensure that you are purchasing a policy that includes all fundamental areas. Lebherz Insurance welcomes inquiries, contact them for more information.