A Checklist for Your Next Road Trip

A successful and uneventful road trip requires meticulous planning and preparation. Inadequate planning will lead to delays, inconveniences, and frustrations. If you are planning for your next road trip, here are the key things you should look into:

Inspect your car
Part of the planning process should involve inspecting every aspect of your car to avoid breakdowns. Ensure that you have the right oil for your car and that you’ve changed it if necessary. It is prudent to carry some extra oil to be on the safe side. Check that the tire pressure and make sure they are fully inflated. Refill the windshield washer, coolant, and brake fluid. The wipers should also be in perfect working condition. Check on the condition of your spare tire. Wash and clean the car thoroughly so that you set the right tone for your trip. 

Ascertain that you have the necessary supplies
If you are going to an unfamiliar area, you will need to have a map. The first aid kit too should have all the supplies including antiseptic, band-aids, bandages, and so on. Take loads of water so that everyone stays well hydrated. A flashlight or two would be ideal in case your car battery dies at night. Phone chargers, a wireless kit, and other supplies to keep you entertained will come in handy. 

Check on your insurance status 
Driving with an expired insurance policy could spoil or cut short your road trip. Make sure that you check on its status before you set off. Consult your insurance providers on what damages your policy covers and whether you might need any more coverage for your road trip. 

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