Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers: What Parents Need to Know

Getting a driver’s license is a rite-of-passage for teens and their families in the Frederick, MD area. Receiving an official Maryland driver’s license is the beginning of many adventures for your young one. However, it’s important to make sure your teen has the right kind of car insurance before you give them full freedom behind the wheel. There are other important things parents need to think about too when their new driver is ready to go. Here are some tips from the Lebherz Insurance agency to help you navigate the teen driving years.

Graduated Licensing System

The state of Maryland uses a graduated licensing system when granting driving privileges. These are designed to ensure the driver’s privileges are aligned with their abilities and experience. The goal of the graduated system is to lower accidents by removing newer drivers from dangerous situations. There are 3 levels in the system.

  • Learner’s permit. These are for the newest of drivers and allows the operation of certain vehicles while the learner is in the presence of a licensed and experienced older driver only.
  • Provisional license. Operation hours are limited and drivers aren’t able to carry passengers unless accompanied by a licensed adult. However, this type of license allows young ones more freedom than the permit.
  • Full license. This is the regular license that comes without inherent restrictions.

The type of license your young one has may affect their insurance rates. Talk to your agent to learn more.

Auto Insurance Options for Teen Drivers

Like all other drivers in Maryland, your teen will need a valid insurance policy before hitting the road. The simplest way to get the coverage they need is to add them to your existing policy. You may be able to take advantage of multi-car discounts and other perks to lower your premiums without sacrificing coverage.

The experts at Lebherz Insurance carry auto insurance policies for drivers of all ages in the Frederick, MD area. Contact our agents to learn more about insuring your teen driver.