The Many Ways Recreational Insurance Protects You When You are On the Road

Many people enjoy exploring the outdoors in their RV. Owners need to know that they have the right insurance before they head out.  In the Frederick, MD area, the team at Lebherz Insurance help RV owners get the coverage they need.

RV insurance is similar to auto insurance but with a marked difference.  You are required to carry liability insurance on the RV.  But because an RV is both a vehicle and a temporary residence, the policies are different. The type of policies available are affected by the size and weight of the RV.  Class “A”s are large RVs intended for long term use.  Class “B”s are “camper vans”.  Class “C”s are mid-size economy RV’s that are popular with families. 

In addition to a liability policy, the RV coverage will often include a replacement in the event the RV is stolen or totaled in an accident.  The policy will also cover any accessories attached to the outside of the RV, such as awnings or a satellite dish.   Personal belongings, such as clothing, camping equipment or sports gear are also covered by the policy.  Talk with the agent about how you use the RV when you get coverage.  If it is only being used for a short time annually, this can guide them to the type and amount of coverage that is needed.

An RV is a great way for families to spend time together and explore the country.  Get the coverage you need from Lebherz Insurance before you head out.  In Frederick, MD, the team at Lebherz Insurance are well know for the expertise and their care.  Visit their website for general information, then call or come by for details.  Don’t let a vacation be ruined by disaster or an accident.  Get the coverage you need today!