Is Your Taproom Protected?

You’ve perfected your brew, cultivated a following and the next logical step for your craft brewery is, of course, a taproom, tours and even clever merchandise with your name splashed all over it.  However, what even the savviest of beer masters forget about is the unforeseen exposures growing their business opens them up to.

Taproom Risks

Brewery taprooms in Frederick, MD are gaining in popularity and rightly so. They are a fun way to share your passion for beer with your followers. But it also means feeding those followers. Enter in food trucks.  The marriage of food trucks and taprooms is a natural one, but one that should be entered in cautiously. Food trucks operating on your property make you liable for any injury aka food poisoning to your customers. This is known as vicarious liability.  

Of course, it’s not just food poisoning that you have to worry about. Let’s say after a long night, your food truck operator is pulling out and accidentally strikes a customer.  You can be considered vicariously liable for the accident. Lawsuits are expensive and can have you closing your doors faster than you can say Hefeweizen. The solution to protecting your business is not only to ensure you have the proper liability limits on your general liability policy; the experts at Lebherz Insurance recommend carrying at least $1 million. But to ensure that your food truck vendors have the appropriate coverage as well.

It’s essential that in addition to having sufficient general liability limits, they name your brewery as an additional insured. This protects you if you are sued because of the food truck operator’s actions under their policy, making your policy a secondary coverage.

You’ve worked hard to get your business up and running. Don’t let someone’s else’s mistake chance losing it all. If you are an independent brewer in or around Frederick, MD, let the insurance experts at Lebherz Insurance guide you through the coverages you need to protect yourself and your brewery.