What Role Do Hail Chasers Play in Insurance Fraud?

After a storm in Frederick, MD, hail chasers, or storm chasers as they are sometimes referred to, will canvass neighborhoods looking for homeowners that seem vulnerable to scams. They go door to door and leave hangers on doorknobs. They will also speak with homeowners and convince them that roofs could have sustained severe damage from the recent storms. They will offer the homeowner a free inspection, or even a replacement for the roof. The word "free" can sometimes entice homeowners, or the hail chasers will use scare tactics to trick the homeowners into agreeing to replace the roof by emphasizing damage and potential problems that can occur. Some scammers may inflict their own damage to the roof to convince homeowners there is a problem. Some of the scammers will use coins to scrape roof shingles off, or create indentations that look like damage by hail.

The homeowners that fall for these schemes will then file home insurance claims for a roof replacement. Insurance companies will use professional techniques to know if the hail damage is real, which include forensic engineers who know hail activity and can detect any intentional damage versus the damage the hail does cause.

If something seems too good to be true it is. Hail may cause damage to one home and not another, so the tactic that hail chasers use of saying that your neighbor got a new roof so you should too won’t hold up. Hail chasers can make big promises and sometimes take the money and run. Never give money and start work without filing a claim with an insurance agent at Lebherz Insurance. If your claim is denied, you could be on the hook for any money that is lost and the work the roofer has done.

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