Home Insurance Changes After Renovations

Are you considering a home renovation, or are you enjoying the perks of a new addition or improvement this summer? It may be a good idea to contact your insurance agent at Lebherz Insurance in Frederick, MD to make sure your home is still fully covered. Certain changes to your house can also change your home insurance policy terms. 

Renovations that may that trigger policy changes:

  • Change in use of the property like adding an office or a workshop can trigger changes in your insurance. Make sure you also add your business to your policy so you are protected. 
  • Change in an overall structure such as adding or even removing square footage can affect your insurance policy for various reasons, and it may even effect your county taxes depending on where you live. 
  • A new roof may actually save you money on your insurance. Be sure to report it, so the roof that covers you is also covered by insurance. 
  • A pool is a great way to chill out in the summer months, but it will affect your homeowner’s insurance policy and certain regulations such as a fence may be required. 
  • Home improvements that don’t make any drastic structural changes but improve the home, such as upgrading to granite countertops, should still be reported so those new expensive countertops will be covered by your policy. 

If you have made some renovations contact us at Lebherz Insurance today to make sure you are protected completely by your home insurance policy. Chances are, not much will change but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Also, keep in mind that some changes can actually benefit you in terms of insurance, call to find out more. We proudly serve Frederick, MD and the surrounding areas.