Top Reasons to Add Umbrella Insurance to Your Home Insurance

Umbrella insurance is a form of insurance that supplements a regular home insurance policy. Essentially, it fills in the gaps. Adding an umbrella insurance policy to your already existing home policy will ensure your financial security and the security of your property and belongings in all situations.

Here are two specific reasons why it’s a great idea to have extra umbrella insurance on top of your home insurance plan.

1. It can protect against libel and slander.

Today more than ever, lawsuits are pretty being brought against individuals for posting certain things on social media sites like Facebook. It is indeed possible for someone to sue you because of something you wrote — referencing someone else — that can be construed as libel or saying something that can be construed as slander. Most standard home insurance policies do not protect against libel or slander, but an umbrella policy can protect you in these situations.

2. It can protect you from someone suing you for being injured on your property.

In many situations, someone may come to your house invited or uninvited and be seriously injured. Unfortunately, this often opens up a lawsuit in which the injured party sues you because they were injured on your property. Umbrella insurance can protect against this.

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