Do You Need More Insurance if You are a Commuter?

Commuting is a big part of the daily routine and lives of millions of people. If you live in a suburb or far from a large city there is a good chance that you commute for at least an hour, maybe more, each and every day. As such, your insurance needs are different than someone that drives to the grocery once a week then parks their car the rest of the week. For those that live in the Frederick MD area, the agents with Lebherz Insurance can help you get the coverage you need.

It is helpful to first look at why a commuter needs different coverage. For starters, commuters come in contact with hundreds of other drivers each day. This means that their risk of having an accident is far higher than an eighty year old grandma that drives her car to the post office in her small town once a week. Though both have a risk of having an accident, the commuter has the higher risk.

Another reason that commuters need more insurance is that their cars are likely to incur more damage that can be claimed on an insurance policy. Again, a car that sits in a garage five out of seven days a week stands a lesser chance of being damaged by hail, rocks, and other debris that a commuter might come in contact with. The same goes for snow and other storm conditions.

Commuters can benefit from a larger insurance policy or from a full coverage policy even if their cars are paid off just to protect them. If you live in the Frederick MD area and have more questions, the agents with Lebherz Insurance are waiting to answer any and all questions that you might have.