Renovating Your Home on a Budget

If you are in the mood to give your home a makeover, you should know there are several tips you can follow to renovate it on a budget. In fact, many people spend thousands of dollars renovating their home when in all actuality they could do it for a fraction of the price. Here’s a quick look at four tips you can follow to renovate your home on a budget.

1) Consider a floor made out of pennies

Have you seen the new floors made out of pennies? If not, you should look them up on the Internet. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on flooring like hardwood, you can easily use pennies to create a new floor. And best of all, it is fairly cheap. A normal kitchen area can have a penny floor added to it for about $500. You’ll need about $270 worth of pennies — that’s 27,000 pennies — but with the epoxy seal, you can be well on your way to renovating your kitchen floor at a fraction of the cost it would take to lay down laminate or hardwood.

2) Go to thrift stores

Did you know many thrift stores have furniture as well as high-end decorations? By shopping at these thrift stores, you can give your entire home a makeover without having to break the bank.

3) Invest in versatile pieces of furniture

You should always shop for furniture pieces that are versatile when giving your home a makeover. For example, an island for your kitchen is a great way to add cabinet and countertop space without having to reconstruct your entire kitchen.

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