Is Your Pet A Liability To Consider For Your Homeowners Insurance Policy?

The reality is that whenever you claim ownership of something: a home, a car, a business – there is an inherent liability, responsibility or overall vulnerability that falls on you in that relationship. To "own" – even a dog – is to take on, to bear a separate entity upon yourself by choice. Many people think it is a privilege while others feel it is a burden. Either way, you may feel about it – it is part and parcel of taking on the responsibility of being an adult who has "things."  Having a great communication with your insurance agent at Lebherz Insurance in Frederick MD will help you to understand better how to take on ownership of your home with grace. 

It is a great idea to discuss with your agent how certain aspects of your pet ownership may affect your policy. We typically consider purchasing a pet insurance policy to ensure our pet’s health is covered. Insurance is like life – it is all in the details. Some individuals decide to add their pet into their life insurance policy and will, actually stipulating what i could happen to Fido in the event of their demise. 

The answer to the article title question is not cut and dried. The pet is not covered. Another factor of coverage is what the liability issue is. Owners of particular breeds add an arm to the homeowner’s policy to include a situation where their dog may injure an individual who comes into contact with the property. Speaking with your agent at Lebherz Insurance which serves Frederick MD and the surrounding areas is a good first step in determining and obtaining adequate coverage.