6 Reasons to Have Commercial Insurance

Each business in the Frederick, MD area is unique, but one thing they all have in common is the need for commercial insurance. If you are unclear if your business needs commercial insurance, here are six reasons why you need commercial insurance.

  1. Protection for lawsuits. No matter what type of business you have, you cannot protect yourself from a lawsuit a customer may file against your company. Don’t make the mistake of believing that your clients are great and they would never sue you because any situation may arise.
  2. Protect the investments you made in equipment, property, and inventory that keeps your business running.
  3. If you have employees, you need to have different types of insurance. For example, workers’ compensation and liability insurance.
  4. If the success of the business relies on one key person, then you want a policy that provides assistance if the key person is injured, ill, or deceased. It will give you the time you need without losing your business.
  5. If the company is growing and you need to secure a loan to help with the expansion, then you will need insurance coverage. If you don’t have insurance, they may decline the loan or charge a higher rate of interest.
  6. Gain confidence with knowing your business is protected if something were to happen. No one wants to lose the business they worked so hard to build or take a severe financial hit. Having insurance coverage can help protect your business.

Lebherz Insurance

Lebherz Insurance has been in the Frederick, MD area since 1969, so we have years of experience providing commercial insurance to local businesses.  Contact a Lebherz Insurance agent today to discuss your business needs. The agent can help you determine the best insurance options to protect your business investment.

Do You Need More Insruance if You are a Commuter?

Commuting is a big part of the daily routine and lives of millions of people. If you live in a suburb or far from a large city there is a good chance that you commute for at least an hour, maybe more, each and every day. As such, your insurance needs are different than someone that drives to the grocery once a week then parks their car the rest of the week. For those that live in the Frederick MD area, the agents with Lebherz Insurance can help you get the coverage you need.

It is helpful to first look at why a commuter needs different coverage. For starters, commuters come in contact with hundreds of other drivers each day. This means that their risk of having an accident is far higher than an eighty year old grandma that drives her car to the post office in her small town once a week. Though both have a risk of having an accident, the commuter has the higher risk.

Another reason that commuters need more insurance is that their cars are likely to incur more damage that can be claimed on an insurance policy. Again, a car that sits in a garage five out of seven days a week stands a lesser chance of being damaged by hail, rocks, and other debris that a commuter might come in contact with. The same goes for snow and other storm conditions.

Commuters can benefit from a larger insurance policy or from a full coverage policy even if their cars are paid off just to protect them. If you live in the Frederick MD area and have more questions, the agents with Lebherz Insurance are waiting to answer any and all questions that you might have.  

Can Underage Drivers Have Their Own Policy?

It is possible for teenage drivers to have their own independent policy but the real issue is finding out if it is going to save you more money or if you are going to save more by adding them to an existing policy. Though you can save more in most cases by adding them to an existing plan, it might surprise you based on where you live. For those that live in the Frederick, MD area, the agents with Lebherz Insurance can help you determine what is going to be best for you.

 In many cases, you are going to save more by adding your teen driver to your existing policy than creating their own policy for a few different reasons. For starters, those teen drivers that have their own policy are going to have a policy that is based on the young age of the driver. If you add them to an existing policy, the policy rates are going to be based on the age of the main policy holder.

Another reason you may save more adding them to your policy is that you will have multiple cars on one policy. You often get a discount for having more than one car on a policy which means you can save more. Depending on the individual rates and requirements for your state, you may still be able to save by getting your teen driver their own policy, in most cases, however, it is going to cost more.

For those in the Frederick, MD area, the agents with Lebherz Insurance can help you to determine which course of action is going to be best for you and your teen driver so that the both of you can save the most money possible on your policy.

Renovating Your Home on a Budget

If you are in the mood to give your home a makeover, you should know there are several tips you can follow to renovate it on a budget. In fact, many people spend thousands of dollars renovating their home when in all actuality they could do it for a fraction of the price. Here’s a quick look at four tips you can follow to renovate your home on a budget.

1) Consider a floor made out of pennies

Have you seen the new floors made out of pennies? If not, you should look them up on the Internet. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on flooring like hardwood, you can easily use pennies to create a new floor. And best of all, it is fairly cheap. A normal kitchen area can have a penny floor added to it for about $500. You’ll need about $270 worth of pennies — that’s 27,000 pennies — but with the epoxy seal, you can be well on your way to renovating your kitchen floor at a fraction of the cost it would take to lay down laminate or hardwood.

2) Go to thrift stores

Did you know many thrift stores have furniture as well as high-end decorations? By shopping at these thrift stores, you can give your entire home a makeover without having to break the bank.

3) Invest in versatile pieces of furniture

You should always shop for furniture pieces that are versatile when giving your home a makeover. For example, an island for your kitchen is a great way to add cabinet and countertop space without having to reconstruct your entire kitchen.

Contact Lebherz Insurance serving the Frederick, MD area to learn about insuring your home with proper home insurance.

What are Important Factors to Consider when Shopping for Home Insurance?

For most people, a home is the most valuable and expensive purchase over the course of their life. This represents both a financial and emotional investment that demands the protection of home insurance. While many people think to insure the value of their home, they often wonder what criteria insurance companies might use to determine a home insurance rate. These different factors are detailed below and are qualities that every customer should consider before investing in a home insurance policy.

First, every insurance company will take into account the value of a home when calculating a home insurance rate. A more expensive home will demand more coverage under a home insurance policy. Therefore, the insurance company will charge a higher home insurance rate to hedge the risk of having to cover the entire home in the event the home is damaged or destroyed. People should consider the home insurance rate on a potential property before making that purchase.

Next, every insurance company will take into account the safety of a location when deciding on the home insurance rate. If a home is located in an unsafe area, there is a higher chance that a home could be broken into or damaged. Therefore, insurance companies will charge a higher insurance rate to cover a home in an unsafe area. People should consider this before buying a home.

Finally, insurance companies will consider a person’s credit score before deciding on a rate. If a person has a higher credit score, they are more likely to pay their bills on time. Therefore, a company will reward this customer with a lower rate.

Citizens in Frederick, MD looking for a home insurance policy should contact an experienced insurance agent serving the Frederick, MD area. This professional agency will make sure a home is properly insured.

Is Your Pet A Liability To Consider For Your Homeowners Insurance Policy?

The reality is that whenever you claim ownership of something: a home, a car, a business – there is an inherent liability, responsibility or overall vulnerability that falls on you in that relationship. To "own" – even a dog – is to take on, to bear a separate entity upon yourself by choice. Many people think it is a privilege while others feel it is a burden. Either way, you may feel about it – it is part and parcel of taking on the responsibility of being an adult who has "things."  Having a great communication with your insurance agent at Lebherz Insurance in Frederick MD will help you to understand better how to take on ownership of your home with grace. 

It is a great idea to discuss with your agent how certain aspects of your pet ownership may affect your policy. We typically consider purchasing a pet insurance policy to ensure our pet’s health is covered. Insurance is like life – it is all in the details. Some individuals decide to add their pet into their life insurance policy and will, actually stipulating what i could happen to Fido in the event of their demise. 

The answer to the article title question is not cut and dried. The pet is not covered. Another factor of coverage is what the liability issue is. Owners of particular breeds add an arm to the homeowner’s policy to include a situation where their dog may injure an individual who comes into contact with the property. Speaking with your agent at Lebherz Insurance which serves Frederick MD and the surrounding areas is a good first step in determining and obtaining adequate coverage. 


How to Winterize Your Residential Property

Winterizing your residential home will enable you to enjoy a more comfortable interior environment despite frigid temperatures outside. There are various ways that you can winterize your Frederick, MD, home. Here are just a few:

Install Storm Windows and Doors

Install storm windows and doors to protect your home from cold drafts as winter winds begin to blow. Storm windows and doors will keep cold winds out while maintaining heat inside for a warmer environment.

Tune Up HVAC System

Have your HVAC system professionally inspected and tuned to handle the rigors of winter. A clean, lubricated and professionally tuned heating system will provide you with maximum efficiency all winter long.

Increase Home Insulation

A well-insulated home is a comfortable home. Adding more insulation to your home’s walls, basement and attic will keep your home warmer while conserving energy to reduce heating costs.

Weather-strip or Plasticize Windows

Weather-strip drafty windows or cover with plastic sheeting to keep cold air out and heat in. Many hardware stores sell window insulation kits that come with all you need to seal window gaps that allow cold air to seep through. Old, worn windows should be replaced with new, energy efficient models that offer year round protection.  

Insulate Water Heater and Pipes

Insulate your water heater and pipes to reduce heat loss and lower heating costs. Insulating water pipes reduces the risk of their freezing during frigid temperatures. Pipes can be wrapped with pre-slit insulating foam and duct tape, both of which can be purchased at most any hardware store.  

Major home improvements to winterize a home, such as buying new windows or upgrading your furnace, could qualify you for a discount on your Lebherz Insurance premium. By talking to your Lebherz Insurance representative in Frederick, MD, you can get a better idea of winterizing projects that can help reduce home insurance costs. 


Understanding the Additional Living Expense Component of Home Insurance

Although Hurricane Matthew didn’t affect our area in Frederick, Maryland, our team at Lebherz Insurance Agency thought that it would be important for you to know your options with home insurance. Of course, your home insurance helps you if you experience a covered loss, but did you know about the additional living expense component that may help you cover some displacement costs? Keep reading to learn how this coverage helps you and your family during a disaster.

What Is Additional Living Expenses Coverage?

Additional living expense coverage is a component of your insurance that helps cover the costs associated with living in a comparable home when you can’t live in your home due to damage. The additional living expense component will generally cover the expenses that exceed your normal expenses following a loss. In general, you may qualify for additional living expenses if you had to find a hotel and couldn’t stay in your home.

Know Your Coverage for Home Insurance

Of course, additional living expenses are limited. In most instances, your coverage is limited to a certain percentage of your home insurance coverage. Additionally, once your home is repaired or replaced, you are no longer covered by the coverage.

Additionally, as a homeowner in Frederick, Maryland, the additional living expense coverage is a reimbursement; you get a check after you’ve covered the costs. With that in mind, it’s important that your family takes the necessary steps to remain prepared for natural disasters and other emergencies. In addition to having a first aid kit handy and important documents, you should have the financial means to protect your family from imminent danger.

If you are in the market for home insurance or you simply want to compare rates, don’t hesitate to give our team at Lebherz Insurance Agency a call. We pride ourselves on offering a suite of competitive insurance products that can help you protect your family and your assets.

4 ways to reuse household items

People generate a lot of garbage. Though you may not be able to eliminate all your garbage, recycling, upcycling, and reusing common household items can save space at a landfill and give your home a unique, much-needed flair.

Don’t through away your scrap paper. If you can’t recycle paper where you live, you can cut standard sheets of paper into fourths. Use the blank side beside your phone for messages, in the kitchen for grocery lists, or to remind you to get your reusable water bottle out of the fridge before you go to work.

Hang on to your old towels when you get a new set. P When you get a new set of towels for your kitchen or bathroom, you don’t have to throw away your old ones. Instead, cut them into strips and make a unique rag rug for your bathroom floor. The towels will make an absorbable material perfect for getting out of the tub.

Transform a small bookcase into a custom-made doll house. If you have a small bookcase with a single shelf, paint the exterior, then use contact paper or wallpaper to decorate the interior of the shelf. Add some doll furniture, and you have a hand-made, unique doll house for someone.

Keep your wine bottles after your next dinner party. Empty wine bottles have a number of uses. Not only can they be used as decor on a shelf, but smaller bottles can be beautiful bud vases, and nearly any bottle can be made into a unique candle holder.

Recycling, upcycling, and reusing is a way to bring your uniqueness to your family. Once you have your home decorated just the way you want, be sure to insure your home with a new homeowners’ insurance policy. For more information, contact Lebherz Insurance in Maryland today.


Learn How To Prevent Fender Bender Fraud in Maryland

Lebherz Insurance knows that the moment someone hits you, it can be a complete shock. You may not know exactly what to do, especially if you have never been in this situation before. A fender bender can easily leave you feeling dazed and confused. There are some people out there that will try to commit fraud – and as long as you keep your wits about you, you have the potential to prevent this from happening.

Take Photos

One of the best things that you can do is take out your cell phone and begin taking photos. Take photos of the other person’s license plate, the damage to your car, the damage to their car, and even their insurance card. This way, you have an account of everything. It will prevent them from making up stories for creating additional damage that they will try to blame on you later on.

Call the Police

You need to make sure that the police arrive at the scene of the fender bender. This will ensure that you get an impartial party identifying what happened. The officer will take reports from both of you and create an official report. Generally, the officer will be able to identify who was at fault and include this information. This is critical because the person you hit (or that you) won’t be able to point the finger at you later on.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to gather as much information as possible so that there isn’t any kind of wiggle room for anyone to commit fraud. It can be difficult to stay focused after you have been involved in an accident, but it is going to be the best thing for you.

Call us at the Lebherz Insurance today to find out about auto insurance. We can guide you through the process to find sufficient coverage at an affordable price in Maryland.